Posted on Jul 21, 2016

July Newsletter

Community Events

June marked the end of Spring Session at the Legislature and was host to many great events like St. Albert Pride and National Aboriginal Day, so July had a tough act to follow. I'm happy to say that so far it has lived up to expectations!

As always, Spruce Grove held a wonderful Canada Day celebration and it was my pleasure to volunteer in the festivities and bring greetings on behalf of the province. Most recently, my constituency office joined the local businesses at McLeod Avenue Plaza in hosting a block party to support Spruce Grove City Centre Revitalization. And who could forget the Calgary Stampede? I had a great time donning my cowboy hat and meeting with stakeholders from across the province.

In the coming days I plan on biking in the K-Days Parade and attending the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce's luncheon with Christina Gray, Minister of Labour. Come on out and feel free to say hi. You can stay up to date on events I'm attending by visiting the 'Events' page on my website.

On the Policy Front

I am very proud of the initiatives brought forward by our government in the past Legislative Session, but two things really stand out: The Climate Leadership Plan and The Alberta Jobs Plan. These pieces of legislation encapsulate what our NDP Caucus is working hard to achieve - continued support for the public services Albertans rely on and diversifying the economy while protecting our environment. I'm always advocating to ensure we bring positive change to Spruce Grove-St. Albert and I'm confident these initiatives will go a long way to strengthen our communities.

For more updates on new and existing provincial legislation, join my policy-specific mailing lists. Send me an email and let me know what you're interested in: Economy, Healthcare, Environment, Culture & Tourism, Agriculture, and Education.

Contact Me

As always, feel free to contact my office should you require assistance with provincial government programs or want to share feedback on policy. My staff are happy to assist you.

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